Does It Provide Useful Information

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Interesting is good, yes, but if it isn’t informative, your readers won’t come back for more. What are some areas that your readers will need to know about or how to do? Be that source for them.

4. Is it unique?

Give them something different. If everyone else is doing or saying what you’re saying, why should your website be anyone’s first choice? What little tips can you highlight? Are you a painting expert? Add some décor ideas or spackling advice or what to do when your little dog falls asleep in the freshly painted corner of the room and has paint stuck to his fur. Be where your reader is.With seattle web design you’ll get this iterative methodology to help build your sites content and convert leads.

5. Does it relate to your target audience?

What personality would your readers like? What kind of personality do you want your site to have? Are you the sarcastic, dry-humored kind of content provider? Are you the well-polished expert? Are you the friendly advice giver? What kind of personality can you create that will make your readers enjoy reading your content?

6. Does it address a newsworthy event?

Keep up with the news—not just headline news. Who are your readers? What kind of news would interest them? Are they interested in hearing about how Kim Kardashian is dating Kanye West? Do they want to know about the latest advances in science, a play-by-play of last night’s tennis match? Don’t just report it!Remember how we talked about the SEO Company Bangaloreinformation being unique? Add your opinion or someone else’s controversial opinion. People link to that kind of content!

7. Does it appeal to a wide variety of people?

Remember being a kid in school when the teacher tried to get you to learn that 2+3=5? So you drilled and drilled and drilled. Then she asked you what 2+3 was and you didn’t know. Had she given you French fries to hold or made you hop around the room, you could have gotten the answer. Here’s a little secret: your readers are all different from each other! Find some way to appeal to each of them in each post. Add cartoons, embed videos, create a distracting game or amusing noise-maker (ok, maybe not the noise-maker).